I’ll use this section to tell a little bit about me and the plans I have for the blog, in the future I’ll consider uploading my CV to this section.

Let’s start with me. As most people out there I knew nothing when I was 18 years old but I was really good at maths and I liked the sea. So I thought I could become a Naval Engineer and off I went to study at the UPM in Madrid a Degree in Naval Engineering. But after a couple of years, I discovered economy and finance and I was hooked. So I decided to quit my degree and start one in economy and finance at UAM where I’m currently studying.

And it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to work and study something that I’m really passionate about. I’ve read tons of books (Austrian economics, Keynes, value investing, momentum investing, trading, TA, macro, fundamentals, I’ve read about everything out there) and participated in lots of interesting projects (Start-ups like Tripstude, TumejorITV.com but also blogs like this one and other investing projects). I’ve discovered my passion and it feels good.

Which takes me to the next topic, this blog. This blog is my own public experiment. After the years and taking the PTM trading course, I consider it’s time to take the next step in the way I approach the markets. So I created this blog with the idea of making my trading analysis and strategies public and opened to debate.

What you can expect is for me to publish my top-down macroeconomics asset selection process. Which will lead to a top-down sector and stock analysis, that will end up with a fundamental (bottom-up) analysis to pick the most interesting stocks. This will allow us to generate profitable trading ideas.

After this process, we will go through a stock timing process that will include watchlist generation, TA and price action to try to find the best moments to trade and avoid mistakes. And finally, we will discuss and take into account a risk management methodology that will include ideas like beta hedging, Kelly’s-K, portfolio construction parameters, etc.
To sum up, I believe the markets tend to efficiency but because of the constant flow of new information and other important human biases (like the ones described by behavioral finance) inefficiencies appear. Therefore the ultimate objective of this blog is to generate and develop a process that allows me to find market opportunities and trade or invest in them.

However, this is not by any means a professional blog and anything said of posted in it could be completely wrong. This is just a personal experiment in which I’ll try to develop my skills as a trader and as an investor. Hopefully sharing and debating my process and ideas with other people on the internet could be beneficial for me and other people. But it’s important to remember that this is just an experiment and that anything said or posted on this blog is just an opinion or an idea so I won´t take any legal responsibility for the possible losses that they might lead to. Investing is a very difficult task that could lead to monetary losses so it should not be done without a professional advisory. Always remember that past performance and profit doesn’t guaranty future profits.